Defense industry is the main basis of international security
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The Forum brings together leading defense industry companies, experts, and representatives from governments and businesses worldwide.

During the event, innovative technologies and developments are presented, and exhibition areas are organized for the demonstration of military equipment and weapon samples. Forum participants can familiarize themselves with the latest trends and developments in the defense industry, as well as discuss collaboration and investment opportunities.

Special attention is paid to global security and stability issues and the role of the defense industry in maintaining international peace. The forum includes roundtable discussions, debates, and presentations where participants can share their ideas and experiences in the field of defense collaboration.

DEFEST EXPO 2024 will serve as a platform for establishing new partnerships and agreements between companies and countries, contributing to economic development and attracting investments in the defense industry. We invite all interested parties to take part in this important event and collaborate to ensure international security and stability.

Forum key topics

  • Innovations in the defense industry of Northern Europe: prospects and challenges.
  • Interstate Cooperation in the Defense Industry: Experiences and Best Practices
  • Role of women in the defense industry: Achievements and Challenges.
  • The Role of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the North European Defense Complex
  • Cybersecurity and defense: Modern Threats and Prevention Measures.
  • Investments in the Defense Industry: Strategies and Tools.
  • Development of Military Equipment and Weapons: Modern Requirements and Trends. /Tomas Milašauskas, CFA CEO of RSI EUROPE/
  • The Role of Collaboration in Maintaining International Peace and Security.
  • The use of Artificial Intelligence in Defence and Security sector: Advantages and risks
  • The Impact of Climate Change on the Defense Industry and Security.
  • Human Factors in the Defense Industry: The Role of Education and Training .
  • Sustainable Development and Environmental Responsibility in the North European Defense Industry.
  • Nordic Military-Technical Cooperation: Best Practices and Challenges.
  • Propaganda and its impact on society: issues and solutions.

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